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Vorkflo is a suite of end-to-end customisable enterprise applications for ERP, MRP, HRMS, CRM, Project Management and a lot more available on the cloud and, on-prem as per specifications.

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Custom Product Clusters

Enterprise Resource Planning & Manufacturing

Human Resource & Payroll Management

Project & Process Management Solutions

Customer Relationship Management & Support

Easy, customizable software to manage your business

Vorkflo is a ready-to-use, easy to customize application to manage complex business processes with ease and efficiency. It is a part of the Tasksay suite and the right partner for you to scale your business.

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What is Vorkflo?

Vorkflo is an all powered enterprise tool helping organizations to effectively manage operations through custom workflow mapping & enhancing last mile engagement.

Automate Reporting through dashboards in your business and find solutions to complex challenges that prohibit growth like never before.

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How We're Different?

The entire Vorkflo suite is based on the popular KISS (Keep It Short & Simple!) principles & as a result of which instead of an entire business adapting & adjusting to a new software, the inverse actually happens where in the software adjusts to the business such that it not only engages the business stakeholders but also helps the business boost it's output exponentially.

You can unleash the true power of the cloud to function effectively & work collaboratively from any part of the globe seamlessly.

Here's presenting to you an all powerful business suite that can effectively manage an Inter-Departmental MIS sans dependencies.


Run your business better and in a more organized manner.

Gate Management

Manage your entry points and map who and what goes in and comes out at any given point of time.

Collaboration Tools

Collaborate better with individual stakeholders and witness the power of real time delivery management.

Quality Control Automation

Optimize Quality Control parameters for both Raw Materials, Intermediates and FInished Goods.

Production and Manufacturing

Manage production lifecycle right from planning to execution with log sheets and deviation mapping.

Finance and Accounting

Everything from standard book keeping to complex accounting along with third party integrations.

IT Management

Manage IT and technology related support through partner empanelment and ticketing tools.

Dispatch Management

Manage dispatch lifecycle alongwith planning and complex supply chain solutions to enhance your business.


Effectively manage your Vendor Onboarding, Purchase lifecycles, GRN and Supplier Relationship Management.

EHS & Maintenance

Maintain a log of your preventive and corrective incidents and be on top of your maintenance schedules.

Sales & CRM Solutions

Solutions to maximize sales, optimally enhance target management and serve customers better.

Inventory & Stores

Manage complex , category-wise inventory with stock summary, WIP inventory and Stock transfers.

Performance Management

Optimally manage performance of your teams with increment and target management tools.


Plan targets and procurements in advance to maximize profits and manage MIS and RMGP on the go.

Reports, Analytics & BI

Automate and Generate pre-configured or customized reports to scale your data-driven enterprise.

Human Resources

Manage your teams, leaves,loans, self-service, Recruitments and a lot more with HRMS tools.


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Witness the magical word of workflow automation with state of the art application chasis & custom allocations in line with your operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes and No.

Yes,because it chiefly covers the domains & maps their outputs in a standard chasis module where in all the key modules are created to in standard format. No, because the exact workflow of the company is mapped onto the system so that the entire workflow of the software is mapped on the system such that the product completely adapts to the ongoing process.

No, the initiation is a one-team cost & a custom setup is provided for the application. However, an optional maintenance of 15% maybe applicable as per the maintenance schedules decided by your company.

Yes, a custom implementation cycle & training schedules is mapped tailored for any your enterprise. It forms a part of the contract as per the proposal.

The software initiation includes a process-documentation exercise which will ascertain the requirement & your expectations from Vorkflo. Your expectations & requirements would be executed into the system & you will be delivered a software bundle you actually need instead of a generic ERP because not all companies are the same.

No, It is not mandatory to implement all module of the software. You can opt for the requirement specification you have for your enterprise.

Yes, the data is stored locally on your premise. As a part of the solution, deployments are made on site as a part of the execution. Optional alternatives on the cloud may be feasible & are executed on your discretion. You also have the option to integrate it with the DeskSage terminal so monitor your workflow & Set-up Promoter insights & Control room infrastructure if necessary.

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